Friday, May 28, 2010

The Autumn Winter Collection

RM55, animal print V dress, fits S to L. MGC237

RM55, snowy print V dress, fits S to L. MGC236 SOLD

Cream on Coffee Collection

RM57, small cream flowers on coffee V blouse with black tube (not pictured),
fits S to M. MGC 235

RM50, big cream flowers on coffee empire waist dress, fits S to M. MGC 234

The Country Blues Collection

RM70, faded blue with faded red easy style minidress, size XL. MGC 233

RM75, grey, brown n blue sleeveless dress, size L. MGC 232

RM75, blue squares on cream long sleeves dress with pockets, size M. MGC 231

The Grey Garden Collection

RM80, classic grey flower blouse with chiffon sleeves, fits S to L. MGC 230

RM90, jeans dress with adjustable waist and puff pockets, fits M to XL. MGC 229

RM55, blue stencil flowers on grey long sleeves stretchable dress, fits S to L. MGC 228 SOLD

The Palest Green Collection

RM70, green n white sweet flowery top/minidress with lace hem, fits S to M. (MGC 227) SOLD

RM70, pale green n cream V top/dress with detachable cloth belt, fits M to XL. (MGC 226) SOLD

The Cardi Collection

RM67 each, knitted cardigan in white SOLD (MGC225),

grey (MGC224)

and black (MGC223).

Fits S to M.

The Enchanting Black Collection

RM50, black n red flowery empire waist top, fits fits S to M. (MGC 222) SOLD

RM55, black t-shirt with ruched sides n laced! Fits M to L. (MGC 221)

The Artsy Collection

RM57, water colour nature art chiffon top, fits S to L. (MGC 220) SOLD

RM55, blue n white wall art stretchable dress, fits S to L. (MGC 219) SOLD

To Dye For Collection tie-dye dress, fits M to L. (MGC 218) tie-dye dress, fits M to L. (MGC 217) SOLD

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Garden Collection

Spring never ends at Mossy Green Closet!!!
Beautiful flowery long tube dresses set the mood...
Each rm57 darlings... ;)
Fits XS to M.

MGC 216 (white)
MGC 215 (mossy green)

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Hip Bubble Collection

MGC 214 (peacock) SOLD
MGC 213 (word print)
MGC 212 (leaves) SOLD

Get hip with this bubble collection!
Each at rm55 only for coolness!!
Don't miss it!!! ;D
Fits S to L.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Lovely Hearts Collection

Semi precious stones set in silver...
Ruby, Citrine, Amethyst, Aquamarine, Peridot, Garnet...
...sigh :)

The Twilight Collection

(SOLD) MGC 211

The Bluesy Collection

RM60 (MGC 210 dress)

and RM55 (MGC 209 blouse)...

The Seafoam Collection

RM57 and (MGC 208) RM90... (SOLD) MGC 207

The Classic Collection

RM77 (MGC 206 black)SOLD

RM77...(MGC 205 white)SOLD

The Magenta Collection

RM57 (MGC 204 bluish grey with suede strap)

and RM60 (MGC 203 maroon with applique)...

The Magnolia Collection

MGC 202 (white)
MGC 201 (black)

Saturday, May 8, 2010


Hi lovely ladies! Welcome to my closet... Mossy Green of course! Please scroll down for new clothes courtesy of MGC and Mirror. Am pleased to inform that Mossy Green Closet will be featuring two fashion lines, MGC which is my very own and Mirror, my dear friend Rani's. So here's hoping that you will find something that you like and drop me a note at or message me on Facebook ;) Feel free to comment or tick the given boxes below each post. Your feedback is of utmost importance, thank you! Also, don't forget to tell others to come visit my blog! All prices are inclusive of delivery. Happy shopping dears!

New clothes (Mossy Green Closet)

RM67 Long tunic in peach flower print. Very 70's. Size M, Japanese crinkle cotton.
Code: MGC 101

Tips:Tunics are so versatile. This loose style is a casual classic, but with a bold pattern or graphic accents, it's also perfect for cocktail hour. Pair with skinny jeans, espadrille wedges, and gold or silver bangles. Alternatively, belt it and try yours as a knee-length dress ;)